Couples Counseling Services in New York

Love Better

Turn toward your partner, turn toward love.

Do you feel as if you are having the same fight and never reaching resolution? Is the fighting corroding your sense of togetherness and intimacy? My therapy is pragmatic and evidence-based, drawing on my extensive training in couple dynamics and research on neuroscience and communication to help couples reconnect.

Coaching on communication skills will help you listen more deeply to each other and respond with greater kindness and effectiveness. We will also address the hopes, needs, and vulnerabilities in your unique mix as a couple, and work to find ways that each of your voices is heard.

“Will talking about our problems just make everything worse?”

Research shows that not addressing couple issues harms relationships. Attending to them not only lowers stress but builds skills for handling future problems. I take a strengths-based, non-blaming approach that helps couples feel less overwhelmed and more hopeful that they can accomplish the changes they need. Taking care of your relationship is a team effort and I help you gain the skills you need to work together.

“I’m so afraid that we’ll just fight during sessions or afterward.”

Therapy with me is about rediscovering your connection. Most couples find they are fighting less and communicating better after only a couple of sessions. I help each partner support the other in the changes that need to be made in the interest of the relationship.

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“Our last therapist took my side a lot/always favored my partner, so we didn’t get anywhere.”

I create a supportive environment where both members of the couple feel heard and accepted, and keep open lines of communication in case any questions arise.

Couples Services

  • Premarital counseling: explore values and expectations, and gain skills for your future life together
  • Premarital therapy: address issues in your relationship in preparation for your big day and beyond
  • Marital wellness checkup: refresh communication skills; manage the challenges of connecting in daily life; address small issues before they become larger
  • Marital therapy: work to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and deal with life challenges