Individual Therapy Services in New York City

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As human beings, we all struggle with stresses, loss, and worries.

My work is based on the healing importance of attachment and human connection. I offer emotional support and practical approaches to depression, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, and other physical and mental health issues. As we deepen our relationship you can gain confidence in trying out new ways of experiencing and handling challenging life situations.

Here’s what you can expect from therapy

Therapy involves focused conversation on topics relevant to your needs, to explore your experiences in a supportive atmosphere. Much of my work is experiential, which means that I pay attention not only to your thoughts and feelings, but also to the mind-body connection, in keeping with the latest research on brain function and emotional life.

To promote the change you seek, we will explore new perspectives and experiences together, and I will often recommend ways to practice new habits in the time between sessions.  Mindfulness techniques may be part of a therapy session if they are comfortable and helpful for you.

I tried therapy before and didn’t get much out of it. What will be different with you?

First, I welcome your input and hope you will feel comfortable sharing what you felt didn’t work before, so I can work in a style that meets your needs. Research shows that the relationship between therapist and client is one of the strongest factors in improvement; I have a warm, “real person” style and am always open to feedback to make sure you feel comfortable.

I take an active role in helping clients in practical problem-solving that helps them experience change. My advanced training in numerous therapeutic techniques– and a lifetime of experiences– help me personally tailor treatment to each client. I accept clients in my practice only when I assess that my approach and skill set are a good match for their specific needs.

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My significant other is worried that if I go into therapy it will hurt our relationship.

The reason that I call my practice The Center for Growth & Connection is that I celebrate the importance of human connection, and view mental health as involving the ability to experience and express our authentic self in the context of our cherished relationships. My doctoral and postdoctoral training in marriage and family therapy affords me the ability to understand how your relationships affect your inner life, and also to consider the implications of your individual development on your social interactions.

Many individual therapists focus only on the expressed wants and needs of the individual client in the room, but I am committed to helping you bring your most resilient and related self out into your social world.

Individual Therapy Services

  • Psychotherapy for depression
  • Psychotherapy for anxiety
  • Life transitions
  • Relationship concerns
  • Worries
  • Career